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Top 25 Third-Party Addons For The Elder Scrolls Online

Third-Party Addon Programs are one of the major advantages to gaming on the PC/Mac platform - in this article, I'll detail a list of some of my favorites for The Elder Scrolls Online.

16. LUI: Extended

This is the final major Unit Frames-modifying addon on this list, and it’s been one of my favorites for several years now. LUI: Extended has a number of interesting features – custom Unit Frames, Buff Tracking, and Chat Announcements, just to name a few – but my favorite aspect of this mod is by far its Unit Frames. The unit frames from LUIE can be customized, resized, and relocated however you’d like on your screen, and they work extremely well with the mod’s built-in buff tracker – so if you’re not going to use something like S’rendarr, this could be the perfect all-in-one package for you. Download it and give it a shot – I promise it’s worth a try.

17. Master Merchant

There are a lot of fantastic addons on this Top 25 list – but if you asked me to pick my favorite, Master Merchant would be it, hands-down. Philgo has done wonders with this mod, which has in many ways become the single most important development for the Elder Scrolls Online economy since the Guild Trader system was introduced in Patch 1.3.

Master Merchant acts as a sort of information-broker: it tracks all data available to your game client in terms of sales and purchases, aggregates that data, and then allows you to manipulate it in a variety of useful ways. By toggling on the Master Merchant interface, you can track every sale and purchase within any of your player-run guilds, view gross sales and purchase data, track your sales tax contribution, graph sales and average-price history of any item over a variety of customizable time periods, and more. You can even export all of your sales data (and that of your guilds) into a separate file to be analyzed in external programs of your choosing, should you have any desire to do so.

Oh, and you can track your own sales and purchase performance relative to all other members of your guilds as well. Ever wonder where you rank amongst the rest of your guildmates? Master Merchant is the best way to find out.

This is an addon that I recommend to any player who joins a Trade Guild in ESO – unlike other mods, Master Merchant keeps track of your data, meaning you’ll always have the most accurate picture of how certain items are selling within your own guilds. Given the nature of the ESO economy, that’s important – your Iron Ore is going to have a different demand curve if your Guild Store is located in Daggerfall than it would in Riften, for example – and with Master Merchant, you’re able to graph that data, based on the guilds you’re in, and measure the difference. It’s an incredibly robust and well-designed toolset that can be useful to new players and veteran sellers alike, and I can’t recommend it enough. Heck, I even dedicated nearly an entire chapter to my ESO Economy Guide to Master Merchant. Just go download it, you won’t be disappointed.

18. MiniMap, by Fyrakin or Votan’s Minimap

I mentioned the Mini-Map feature of Advanced UI earlier, and while that still remains my favorite Mini-Map, I’d be remiss to exclude this stand-alone mod from Fyrakin, which has retained its status as the most popular Mini-Map in the game. It’s lightweight, has a variety of customization options, and features built-in support for other popular addons like DestinationsLoreBooksSkyShards, and HarvestMap.

If Fyrakin’s mod isn’t quite your style, you can always give Votan’s Minimap a shot – it has the same functionality, but a slightly different appearance and interface (not to mention some players claim to experience better performance). If you’re looking for a good, stand-alone Mini-Map, give one of these two a shot.

19. MultiCraft

So, if Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter was perfect for the lazy crafter, that means the MultiCraft addon is the perfect mod for a lazy crafter who also occasionally likes to craft things other than the items needed for their daily writs. Clicking that “Confirm” button a zillion times to make a full stack of new potions or food can be really annoying – and MultiCraft eliminates the need to do that by simply adding a slider – tell the game how many crafts of the current recipe you’d like to conduct, and confirm once: the mod will do the rest.

20. No, Thank You!

Do you hate getting a bazillion annoying pop-ups, error messages, or irrelevant notifications? If yes, then go download No, Thank You!, and rejoice in your newfound peace and quiet. This addon allows you to eliminate a ton of sometimes-annoying quirks of the ESO UI, like having to “confirm” every time you try to delete a Mail, or being spun around and not being able to continue moving while opening your Inventory or Map. There’s a huge list of things this addon is able to do, and you can pick and choose everything – go check out the page over on ESOUI.com for full details!

21. pChat

If a robust in-game chat overhaul mod is what you need, pChat has you covered. This is an awesome chat addon, which allows you to change font and text colors, show Character and/or @UserIDs in all chat messages, copy chat messages, log your whispers so you don’t miss anything, resize the window however you wish, retain your chat history between logins, rename your guild channels however you wish, and more! I personally love pChat more than any other chat addon out there, so it definitely comes highly recommended.

22. RaidNotifier

This is an amazing mod for you PvEers out there – RaidNotifier provides unique pre-programmed alerts to notify you of anything noteworthy tied to nearly all raid boss mechanics. It’s an excellent tool for raiders of all skill levels – whether you’re new and need help to identify mechanics, or a seasoned veteran pushing for achievements and want to be as prepared as possible to prevent costly mistakes, this mod is for you. Former World of Warcraft players may be reminded of that game’s old “Deadly Boss Mods” addon – this is basically its closest equivalent for ESO.

23. SkyShards & LoreBooks

Okay, okay, I know, I’m cheating by combining multiple addons in the same line, you caught me – this is really the “Top 28 Addons” list, and I lied – but the Internet likes neat, round numbers, so let’s just keep this between us, okay?

Garkin’s SkyShards and LoreBooks addons are the all-time #1 and #2 most downloaded addons for The Elder Scrolls Online, both approaching nearly 3,000,000 total downloads each. There’s a good reason for that – every player in the game has a tangible use for both skyshards (to gain more skill points) and lorebooks (to be a filthy casual collecting useless books level their Mages’ Guild skill tree), and these mods mark the location of every single one of those on your map, making them incredibly easy to find.

I’m pretty sure both of these addons are useful is pretty self-explanatory, so let’s move on to #24:

24. S’rendarr

S’rendarr is an extremely robust buff-tracking addon with a ton of customization options. It’s pretty much the standard, go-to buff tracking addon for most veteran players, both in PvE and PvP. With a dozen different windows, the option to move and orient your trackers however your heart desires, and the capability to build out custom, tailored-to-your-needs buff and debuff tracking panes, S’rendarr might take you a little while to get set up, but once in place, there’s nothing quite like it.

25. Votan’s Fisherman

Going fishing in The Elder Scrolls Online can be a fairly profitable venture, assuming you manage to keep yourself from falling asleep out of boredom. Watching that little bobber sitting in the water for hours on end can be a pretty monotonous task – but thanks to Votan, it’s actually not too bad. Votan’s Fisherman addon does two things: it flashes a giant, white fishhook on your screen whenever you’ve hooked a potential catch so you know to reel in your line, and then logs every fishing node on your map, telling you what type of water (Lake, Ocean, Foul or River) it is.

That means two things: first, knowing what type of water a node is helps you to make the correct choice of bait, and second – having a giant white strobe-light-party happening on your screen makes it a lot easier to fish effectively while watching Netflix on your second monitor (yes, I do that, and no, I don’t care if you’re judging me). Go ahead and give it a whirl by downloading it in Minion!

Do you agree with my list? Did I leave your favorite addon out? Let me know in the comments! If you found this post helpful, please make sure to smash those “Share” buttons down below, it seriously helps. Thanks for reading, and until next time, I’ll see you in Tamriel!

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2 years ago

Do you have any advice for raffle type addons for GM’s? I am new to the trader world, but wonder how bigger guilds are successful with doing raffles. Thank you!

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