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Top 25 Third-Party Addons For The Elder Scrolls Online

Third-Party Addon Programs are one of the major advantages to gaming on the PC/Mac platform - in this article, I'll detail a list of some of my favorites for The Elder Scrolls Online.

6. Binder

Binder is a must-have addon for anyone who ever plays more than one character. Setting up your keybinds is done at the character level, which can be incredibly frustrating when you create a new character – all of your keybinds are reset, and trying to remember what you have bound to where on another character is a pain. Binder solves that issue by letting you save your keybindings and automatically load them on any character with a simple chat command – pretty nifty, if I do say so myself.

Note: Some users have reported some errors and incompatibility issues with Binder, since the original author of the addon stopped supporting it several years ago. As of this writing, I have not personally experienced any issues – but if you encounter any problems, Votan’s Keybinder may be able to fill a similar need for you.

7. Combat Metrics

If you ever want to track your proficiency in combat with hard data, Combat Metrics is the only addon you’ll ever need. Solinur has done an incredible job with this addon, which allows you to track every facet of your damage and healing done – and received – in a neat, intuitive interface. If you’re trying to improve your damage-per-second, Combat Metrics will give you a full read-out of every source of your damage, every buff and debuff you have active, your uptime on every effect, and a full breakdown of your damage done, by percentage. It also lets you track how much of the damage you’re doing as compared to the rest of your group – letting you know if you’re pulling significantly above (or below) what your fellows are doing.

And Combat Metrics isn’t just useful for damage dealers! Healers can track their healing done and their buff uptimes, helping them determine how good they’re doing at supporting their groupmates, while Tanks are able to track their buffs and debuffs, as well as their damage taken and damage mitigated – which can give you an idea of where you might be able to improve your performance.

The addon also lets players save specific fight logs permanently – so if you ever pull a personal-best on a particular fight, you can hang on to the record of it forever. This mod is an absolute must-have for anyone serious about improving their performance in Trials, Dungeons or Arenas – and you can go download it right here.

8. CraftStore

If you’re ever wanting to get involved in your crafting professions in The Elder Scrolls OnlineCraftStore is the one addon you’ll definitely need to go grab. This addon allows you to track all of your current (and ongoing) trait research, every motif pattern you’ve learned or have yet to learn, all of your Provisioning recipes, offers a cooldown tracker on your Hireling mails, revamps the Enchanting and Provisioning interfaces for better ease-of-use, and even provides you with a list of every crafting set location with a handy one-click-to-teleport option, making it easier than ever to navigate to the crafting location you’re looking for.

9. Destinations

Destinations has more than 2,000,000 downloads for a reason – and that reason is that it’s easily one of the most useful addons that anyone has ever developed for the game. This addon allows players to track nearly every relevant location on the map, even if they have not yet discovered it – every Wayshrine, every World Boss, every Mundus Stone, every Dwemer Ruin or Ayleid Well, spawn points for NPC Werewolves and Vampires (plus their respective shrines), noteworthy quest-givers, every Dungeon Boss, fishing spawns, and more! If you’re looking for something a bit more robust than Garkin’s SkyShards and LoreBooks, Destinations is your go-to.

10. Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter

If CraftStore is the ultimate addon for the aspiring crafter, Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter is the perfect mod for, well, the lazy one. You see, everyone knows that they should be doing their daily Crafting Writ quests – but it can feel pretty tedious to go through and do them every single day. Thankfully, Dolgubon has taken literally all of the work out of it – as long as you have the materials in your bag, the addon will automate the entire crafting process for you. You don’t even have to click on anything, just grab the quests, walk up to the crafting station, and in a matter of seconds, everything will be done. It’s really that easy.

11. Dressing Room

Changing your clothes can be a real drag sometimes – especially when you’re in public! Thankfully, the Dressing Room addon is here to help by making your gear changes a nearly-instantaneous process. The mod allows you to save up to eight separate presets for both your gear and your skills, and you can change all of them out with a single click. Have multiple gear and skill loadouts for PvP, or maybe you like filling both the Healer and DPS roles on a single character, but you hate how long it takes to swap your skills and gear out when changing roles? That’s no longer an issue with Dressing Room – it’s an addon I use every single day, and I absolutely love it.

12. Harven’s Improved Skills Window & Trait And Style

Okay, yes, technically these are two separate addons – but they serve a similar purpose, and they’re both written by Harven (and he has his name in the title for both of them) – so I think that’s enough reason to keep them in the same line. Both of these mods provide improved utility within your interface: Improved Skills Window allows you to look at both morphs of a skill before you morph it, and even lets you mouse-over to see the tooltip of the morph you didn’t choose post-morphing. It’s always nice to be able to look in-game to see what skill options you could make before you re-spec, rather than have to Alt-Tab and search online.

Trait And Style fills a similar need in that it modifies tooltips, but this time it does so for items, listing – you guessed it – the Trait and Style of any gear item or related crafting material you find in-game. It makes shopping for the right piece of gear to fit the look you’re going for much easier. I really can’t recommend either of these addons enough – they’re lightweight, don’t affect game performance much at all, and provide awesome utility.

13. HarvestMap

HarvestMap is one of those addons I mentioned as being a massive memory-hog that can negatively impact your game performance – but frankly, in many cases, it’s worth tolerating the loss in framerate to take advantage of the information this mod can provide. HarvestMap is a fantastic tool for farming materials – it tracks the location of every single crafting material node (as well as things like Chests and Fishing Spawns) you’ve ever collected, and marks it down on your map. You can even toggle a setting that puts a big 3-D indicator on your screen that points to each node as you approach it.

I don’t usually recommend players keep this addon active while they’re in a Dungeon or Trial, or if they’re running off to Cyrodiil to go PvP – but if you’re looking for a great way to learn some nice material-farming routes to make some extra gold, there’s no better addon for the job.

14. Kill Counter

PvPers, listen up! This mod is for you – unfortunately, ESO doesn’t have any built-in kill-tracking capabilities, so we have to use addons like Kill Counter to do that job instead. Kill Counter keeps track of every kill, death, killing blow, revenge/avenge kill, as well as the individual players you’ve fought against, and more. The addon allows you to view and report out on your current session as well as your lifetime stats, like your Kill/Death and Killing Blow/Kill Assist ratios – and it does it all in a lightweight, clean interface that doesn’t have a noticeable impact on game performance.

15. Loot Log

For those of you who like to snoop on other people’s loot, my pal Code has your back – Loot Log is an incredibly lightweight addon that can track every item you and your groupmates ever pick up – and I mean, it literally tracks everything. But don’t worry, you don’t need to see everything if you don’t want to: with a simple chat command, you can simply toggle how much information you want to see. You can even go into the settings to call out specific items that you want the addon to look for – although Wish List does that better – just to make sure you don’t miss out on that one cool thing you’re looking for.

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Do you have any advice for raffle type addons for GM’s? I am new to the trader world, but wonder how bigger guilds are successful with doing raffles. Thank you!

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