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Top 25 Third-Party Addons For The Elder Scrolls Online

Third-Party Addon Programs are one of the major advantages to gaming on the PC/Mac platform - in this article, I'll detail a list of some of my favorites for The Elder Scrolls Online.

One of the biggest advantages to playing The Elder Scrolls Online on the PC/Mac platform is the access to a variety of third-party addon programs that enhance your gameplay experience. The Application Program Interface (API) for ESO is remarkably flexible, and allows players and fans to develop their own handy tools to make their lives easier and more fun in-game.

But you don’t need to be fluent in any code languages to enjoy the fruit of other peoples’ labor – thanks to the community over at ESOUI.com, any player can upload and share their work with the masses. There are literally hundreds of fantastic addon programs that have been written for The Elder Scrolls Online over the years, and each serves its own unique purpose, providing value to new players and veterans alike. And thanks to the nifty Minion client, finding, installing, and keeping your favorite addons up-to-date couldn’t be easier.

In this article, I’ll be going through my top 25 favorite addons for ESO – and while this list is by no means exhaustive, it absolutely is comprehensive – there are mods here that will help enhance your awareness in combat and improve your interface, as well as mods that offer basic utility improvements and streamline your gameplay. I’ve also provided links to each of the different addons mentioned in this article below – so make sure to go check out any of the ones that are of interest to you!

*Please Note: This list is laid out in alphabetical order.

The Top 25 Addons For The Elder Scrolls Online

1. Circonian’s “Addon Selector

I’ll kick off this list with an addon that will help you manage your addons! I know, I know, that sounds boring – but seriously, there’s a reason why this makes the list. Third-party addon programs can be taxing on your system, and often lead to negative performance hits in-game in certain situations.

Addon Selector helps you get around those issues by setting up a virtually unlimited number of addon “presets” that you can easily swap between in a single click. Are you planning to jump into a Trial or PvP raid? Swap over to your “PvP Addons” preset to turn off non-essential programs and enable your PvP mods. When you’re finished for the night, just click a button and change back to your normal setup. This functionality becomes incredibly useful when you want to turn off addons that are big memory hogs, like Master MerchantHarvestMap, or AwesomeGuildStore, and turn on your other favorites like RaidNotifier or Kill Counter, without having to manually go through your addon checklist and toggle them all one at a time.

2. Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters is one of those “quality of life” addons that many players just wish would have been implemented into the game’s base UI in the first place. Basically, it does exactly what you’d think it would do – add more granular subcategories to help filter through your Bank, Inventory, and in Guild Stores.

I’ll be honest with you, when I don’t have this addon installed or active, I’m completely lost in my own bags. It’s a real game-changer, and definitely one of the first mods any player should install if they plan to play the game for any length of time.

3. Advanced UI

Advanced UI is a complete user-interface-overhaul addon that has a wide variety of useful features, including a custom Quickslot Bar, Mini-Map, Buff Tracker, Quest Log, Combat Statistics, and Unit Frames. You can pick and choose which features you’d like to use and turn the others off – which is a good thing, since not everything here will be useful or needed by every player. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Mini-Map and the Quickslot Bar, though if I were a more active quester, I’d likely be using the Quest Log that Sensi added with the launch of Patch 3.0.

4. AwesomeGuildStore

To fully understand the wondrous nature of this addon, you first need to try spending more than 5 minutes stumbling through the ridiculously clumsy default Guild Store interface in ESO. I promise you, if you’re ever trying to find something specific, this addon will save you hours of your time by comparison. AwesomeGuildStore works in conjunction with Advanced Filters to provide an incredibly robust search and filtration system within the Guild Store interface, allowing you to search and find exactly what you’re looking for in a variety of intuitive ways.

This mod is by no means perfect – it’s definitely a bit of a memory hog, and due to limitations within the API, you can only search through 100 items per page – but it’s definitely a better experience than trying to find that Robust CP160 Ring of Morag Tong in the default interface.

5. Azurah

Azurah is another user interface mod that allows you to do a number of different things, but perhaps the most useful tool in its kit is the ability to unlock every element of your interface and resize or relocate them wherever and however you choose. You want to change where your synergy notification appears, or relocate the Action Bar? Click a button, and it’ll be done.

There are also a number of useful color and text options, as well as some nifty unit frame customization tools, but honestly, there’s some better stuff out there for that. The reason most people will download Azurah is for the ability to move around the different windows of your interface, and there’s no other mod that does that better.

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3 years ago

Do you have any advice for raffle type addons for GM’s? I am new to the trader world, but wonder how bigger guilds are successful with doing raffles. Thank you!

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